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Voda Paints engages in the manufacturing and marketing of wide range of high quality decorative and industrial range of paints, coatings, finishes and related products.  The company lays heavy operational emphasis on its clients’ motivation in terms of functionality, aesthetics, cost, ease of use and maintenance. It constantly extends the product dimensions to allow enable its clients gain creative access to variety, flexibility and more unique combinations of product types and visual/technical effects.

At Voda Paints Limited, we continually test our products and those in the market in order to ensure our products are always on the leading edge of technology. The technicians and staff research new technology, test existing products and investigate and solve customer queries in order to provide the best possible products and support to our customers. Our local lab facilities and technical expertise allow us to adjust and produce products specifications also custom manufacture individual products to meet unique customer needs. Our labs can also perform situation specific analyses on products and substrates as required to ensure your coating requirements are uniquely identified.

Should you have any questions regarding Voda Paints Limited products or have a system specification requirement, please contact your local area store or your Voda Paints Limited sales representative directly for more information.

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